Parent’s Choice at Walmart

    All of October Parent’s Choice celebrated it’s 20th anniversary at Walmart!  Walmart is truly is a one stop shop for all of your baby needs!  Walmart’s Parent’s Choice line has so many adorable and functional items.  We stopped by this past week to pick up some of our favorite products from their line.  

    1. Parent’s Choice Pacifier Wipes are always kept in our diaper bag!  They make cleaning a dirty pacifier so easy!  All of our kids dropped their pacis fairly often so having these always came in handy with the boys and still comes in handy with Vivi!
    2. Parent’s Choice Changing Pad Liners are so great when traveling!  They are waterproof which makes wiping them clean a breeze! They also come in a pack of three!
    3. Parent’s Choice Hangers come in four different sweet little colors! They are the perfect size for baby and toddler clothes!
    4. Parent’s Choice Bottle and Nipple Brushes make cleaning bottles, pumping parts, bowls, and every other baby feeding product super easy.  Having the small brush side on the handle helps you get all those hard to reach places!
    5. Parent’s Choice Rosette Blanket is one of my favorite blankets we have for Vivi.  It is one of the softest blankets she has with the sweetest little rosettes all over it.
    6. Parent’s Choice Baby Safety Swabs come in a pack of 80! I love the container they come in making them super easy to grab.
    7. Parent’s Choice Bath Mat is soft and padded to help keep your baby from sliding all in the tub.  This mat also has suction cups on the bottom to keep it anchored to the tub so your little one can’t pull it up easily!
    8. Parent’s Choice Musical Lullaby Toy is easy to attach to high chairs, strollers, and car seats!  I love that it is a soft toy so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting hurt while playing with it!  It plays the sweetest little lullaby too!


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