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National Breastfeeding Awareness Month was in August, and although I do realize it’s September now,  with three small humans running around, I don’t get to things as quickly as I’d like to these days, lol!  Outside of how I style Walt and Oliver’s hair, I most frequently get questions about breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding is such a big part of my life, so I wanted to share a little bit about my journey and the essential products I use.

Breastfeeding is a full-time job.  I wish I had an accurate number for the amount of time I’ve put into it with all three kids!  Having the right nursing products can make the journey so much easier.  I’ve teamed up with Walmart to share a list of the most essential products I have been using from day one!

  1. I’ll start with the product that works great when you first begin breastfeeding: Lansinoh Nipple Cream.  It’s best to try and stay ahead of the game and start using this before you begin having issues.  Once you start cracking it is EXTREMELY painful.  Like, whoa! USE THIS!
  2. Whenever the cracking does start or you get engorged while your body is trying to regulate the amount your baby needs, use the Lansinoh Soothing Gel Pads.  They feel amazing when you get sore and provide immediate relief.  I always put mine in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect!
  3. Boppy Pillows are great for arm support while nursing or holding your baby while you’re building those baby muscles!  I’ve had three C-Sections, so I’ve also found it super helpful to cover my incision while nursing and not worrying about little baby feet bumping my wound.
  4. The Haakaa Manual Breast Pump is a newer product that I didn’t have with my boys.  I’ve used it with Vivi, and I LOVE it!  I use it on the side Vivi is not nursing on and it catches any milk that would’ve been wasted during the let-down.
  5. When I first started breastfeeding, I was super nervous about doing it in public.  This nursing cover came in handy and helped me feel more comfortable!  Walmart has lots of different prints in this!
  6. Pumping is something I’ve done with each of my breastfeeding ventures because I tend to overproduce for my kids’ needs.  If I didn’t pump, I would end up getting mastitis.  I use the Medela Freestyle Pump.  It is a pricy pump, but it has lasted me through 14 months with Walt, 14 months with Oliver, and 5 months with Vivi with no issues!  It’s so nice having this one because you don’t have to stay seated and you can be doing other things while pumping!
  7. Kiinde Twist Pouches work great for storing milk!
  8. Mustela Bustier helps you be completely handsfree while pumping! Lifesaver!


Walmart carries all of these essential breastfeeding items plus all the items you could need for formula babies too!  Many of Walmarts items are available with next day or 2-day shipping as well.  Stock up on these breastfeeding must-have items At Walmart!

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