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    Stay Organized

    Organization is one of those things that can just drastically alter my mood.  When everything is organized, life is so good.  When it is not,  I feel like my life is in shambles!  True story.  With two kids in school, Walt starting to play sports, three pups, and a husband, our schedules are starting to get hectic and someone always has somewhere they need to be.  Having this handy dandy START planner has literally made tackling the to-do list so much easier and made my life happier!  I can keep up with all of our lives in this one tiny planner.  THANK YOU START plannerRead more…

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    Travel Bag for On-the-Go Moms

    Being organized is something that is key to my happiness and helps keep my stress level down.  If I feel like I’m unorganized or my house gets unorganized, it sometimes makes me feel like somehow my whole life is a wreck.  I feel that way about travel too.  I like for all of my things to be in a certain place when I pack, and I really like being able to have items stored in their own pockets.  Everything just thrown into one bag drives me crazy!  When I first put my hands on the Lo and Sons O.G. Bag, I instantly fell in love.Black Lo and Sons Travel Bag on top of Tumi rolling carry on bag

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    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Tops

    THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE IS OFFICIALLY OPEN TO EVERYONE! Yay!  I’m doing a round-up on my favorite tops that I was lucky enough to score with early access.  But first I need to start off by giving Davis some mega props.  The first night the sale opened for early access, he got up with me at 4am to shop!  He made me coffee while I got to work.  It was amazing. He got the best husband award for sure!  Now, back to the sale.  Items go out of stock rather quickly so don’t wait to purchase something that you really want.  On the flip side, Nordstrom is constantly restocking items so it’s possible you could still score something you missed out on if you check back later!

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    Daniel Wellington Watches

    Piloting Life - Daniel Wellington Watches

    Daniel Wellington is one of my favorite new watch companies.  Davis and I both received watches from them two weeks ago, and we are already big fans!  Their watches are very well made, and their interchangeable strap feature allows you to dress them up or down.  My favorite thing about them is how lightweight they are.  When I have it on, I forget I’m even wearing a watch.  Big clunky jewelry has been a no-go for me since Oliver started going through the stage of wanting to be held all the time, so these are pretty perfect for me! Read more…

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    Maxi Lover For Life

    When I decide to get out of my workout clothes and get dressed for the day, I try and do something cute, but comfy at the same time.  Does anyone else get dressed in their workout clothes but hardly ever work out? Haha, it’s just the best mom gear!  Anyways, when I do dress cute for the day, I like to keep it toddler/baby friendly.  Nothing too short, too low-cut, easy to move around in, easy to nurse in, and not skin tight.  Maxi dresses just always seem to crush all those check marks.  So, today I’m sharing one of my favorites from Gray Monroe.  You can shop my entire outfit below! Read more…

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    Handmade Jewelry From Six.TwentyNine Designs

    Jewelry has always been something that I love.  I feel like an outfit just doesn’t look complete without jewelry and a pretty lip color.  Luckily for me, my sister, Emily, recently started an amazing jewelry line six.twentynine designs.  She specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.  The materials that she uses are sourced from all around the world and are all gorgeous!  They range from gold dipped agate and geode slices, to natural or polished wire wrapped stones and arrowheads.  She can even do custom jewelry pieces if asked. Read more…

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