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KidloLand: A Great App for Tots

KidloLand - Piloting Life

You know those moments when you just need your tot to sit still for a little bit, but you don’t want them watching endless (and super weird) youtube videos?  I’ve had the worst luck with apps I’ve downloaded that just don’t keep Walt’s attention for very long, which results in him wanting to get on Youtube.  Well, I’ve finally found an app that keeps his attention perfectly!  KidloLand is my new favorite app because it is educational and covers so many different subjects, while also engaging Walt and keeping his attention.

KidloLand - Piloting Life

KidloLand is an award winning app geared towards children ages one through five.  The app has story books, nursery rhymes, counting exercises, letters, shapes, vehicles, fruits, colors, games, tracing letters and so much more!  Kidloland doesn’t just captivate him with bright colors or songs, but it actually teaches him valuable concepts while he plays.  Walt gets bored when he is just watching something, but if he can actually interact with what he’s playing with, he’s hooked.  I think he’s going to be a hands-on learner like me!
KidloLand - Piloting Life KidloLand - Piloting Life KidloLand - Piloting Life

The KidloLand app is easy to maneuver for kids. Walt breezes through the app to get to what he wants to play with. My favorite section is the “Playlists” which is a bunch of nursery songs. They aren’t just your basic nursery songs, though. They have counting, animal sounds, months of the year, days of the week and many more! Walt’s favorite section is the “Chomping Math” section because he gets to count along as the monster eats. Food and Walt always go hand in hand, haha.

KidloLand - Piloting Life KidloLand - Piloting Life KidloLand - Piloting Life

You can download KidloLand for free, but your options on what you can do in the app are limited.  Once you see how much your tot loves this app, you will definitely want to buy the monthly subscription and get full access.  You can use these links to download KidloLand.


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Amazon Appstore:

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