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    Disney with an Infant and Tot: Part 1

    There are so many things about my first trip to Disney that I remember vividly.  I remember excitedly walking through the gates of the park, my first glimpse of the castle, standing in line to get EVERY autograph from EVERY character we came across, eating my first Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich, and watching the fireworks show, in awe of every booming spectacle.  I also remember the long drive to Orlando that I thought would never end, getting carsick and having to pull over on the way down, and that time my mom laid my sister’s panties out to dry in the sun on a rock because they got soaking wet on Splash Mountain.  You know, the usual family vacation type memories.  I wanted Walt and Ollie’s first trip to Disney to be just as memorable, and we definitely succeeded in that regard earlier this year! Read more…

    Family, Travel


    You know when you get into the car to leave a vacation and you just have an overall sense of sadness?  We’ve got major vacation blues in our house right now.  This past Mother’s Day weekend we spent it at the beach with all of our best friends and their babies.  We had the best time!  Ten adults, two kids, three toddlers and three babies all under one roof.  The ultimate friendcation!  We stayed in the Seagrove Beach area of 30A, a few miles East of Seaside.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!

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    Travel Flashback: Honeymoon Bliss at Fiji’s Namale Resort

    Enjoying a meal at the famous blowhole deck at the Namale resort in Fiji

    When Davis and I got engaged and began planning our wedding, one of the most exciting parts of the process was planning the honeymoon.  We both love to travel, so we knew we wanted to go somewhere exotic after we made our vows.  After figuring out most of the details of the ceremony, we started searching the Internet for the perfect place to spend our first moments of marital bliss.  I can honestly say we found the perfect place for us; a hidden gem called Namale in the islands of Fiji. Read more…

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