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    KidloLand: A Great App for Tots

    KidloLand - Piloting Life

    You know those moments when you just need your tot to sit still for a little bit, but you don’t want them watching endless (and super weird) youtube videos?  I’ve had the worst luck with apps I’ve downloaded that just don’t keep Walt’s attention for very long, which results in him wanting to get on Youtube.  Well, I’ve finally found an app that keeps his attention perfectly!  KidloLand is my new favorite app because it is educational and covers so many different subjects, while also engaging Walt and keeping his attention. Read more…

    Family, Little's Style


    DockATot - Piloting Life

    I’ve had our DockATot for about a month now, and I’m growing to love it more each day.  We have the Deluxe+ in Pristine White.  This DockATot is the stage one dock meant for ages 0-8 months.  It’s truly so perfect for babies.  Oliver is completely protected in it and I feel safe leaving the room for a minute while he’s in it, which hasn’t been the case with some other products I’ve tried.  It’s lightweight, and it has a handle on the end which makes porting it around the house easy (always a plus when carrying a baby).  The cover zips on and off and it is machine washable.   DockATot - Piloting Life Read more…

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    Lorena Canals Rugs

    I recently got a Lorena Canals rug after eyeing them for quite a while.  I saw them all over Instagram and finally decided to try one out.  I was instantly attracted to them because they are MACHINE WASHABLE.  How perfect is that??  People always ask me how I keep my house so clean with all the white, but it really is quite easy.  Machine washable rugs just make that job a little bit easier though with my “schnack” obsessed tot! Read more…

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    The Ollie Swaddle

    I found out about The Ollie Swaddle when I was in my third trimester with Oliver.  I must admit, I only bought it because of the name.  I didn’t know much about it but knew I had to have it because of the precious packaging.  We used it on our sweet Oliver his first night home with us and let me tell you, THIS SWADDLE IS AMAZING.  Ollie loves being in it, and he can’t break free!   Read more…

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    Finn + Emma

    Finn and Emma Woodland Play Gym is my new favorite baby toy!  Oliver is L O V I N G it, which means I am too!  I can lay him down underneath it and actually get a chore or two done.  It’s made out of 100% birch wood and finished with a non-toxic stain.  There are interchangeable dolls/teethers that hang down from the stand.  The precious dolls and teethers can be used apart from the stand as separate toys when your babe is older too! Read more…

    Fashion, Little's Style

    Minted Method

    Dressing my littles is something I thoroughly enjoy.  I love hearing all the “ohhhs” and “ahhhs” whenever we’re running errands about how cute they are.  One of my favorite shops to get their clothes from is Minted Method Shop.  They have such adorable trendy clothes for the more modern mom.  They carry some of my favorite brands!  Minted Method even has a few things for moms and dads, which is always a plus.  The Batman shirt and cardigan Walt is wearing is from Minted Method as well as Oliver’s batman onesie. Read more…

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